Smartphones for 2014.

Smartphones are sending off the mobile phones from the usage and in the USA more than 110 million people are using them out of 330 million cell phone users. New customers are not buying simple cell phones any more and they are directly going towards Smartphone as they dream about it from their younger age.

The iPhone is expensive gadget although the Americans are very fond of it and its sales is very high over there due to its top of the line technology. In this year 2014 iPhone 6 is expected to be released by the Apple Inc where their newly made China-Mobile connection is expected to expand their sales in millions only in China through the new customer base. There are rumors that they are going to roll out 90 million units world wide.

Mean while Samsung company the leader in worldwide Smartphone sales, used to produce gadgets to suite low end income earners and high income earners. Their latest device is expected to come with a smart MP camera and on the other hand their expected to market high tech cameras with Smartphone facilities. Their flagship device Galaxy S5 with Android OS is the current leader in the market.

Sony Corporation had released their first waterproof flagship smartphone that comes with a 20.7 megapixel camera Xperia Z1 for this year 2014 inline with their Z series in the market.

Motorola is offering its  4.7″ Moto X for the price of just $399 from any major US carrier in this year 2014, which is a contract free one. Also you can pay monthly for this Moto X from them. It works with 2G/2.5G GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3G UMTS bands and 4G LTE bands. It comes with 10MP  camera, quick capture facility, LED flash, 4X digital zoom and Panorama are some of the available features.

In the other hand Chinese and Indian models are dominating their local markets with low end price devices which are really challenging the top line high priced U.S and Korean devices.

On the other hand there is a cold war going between the mobile phone operating system. Currently the Android is the King of the OS while the Apple’s iOS is in the second place although many companies are secretly supporting new OS for the hand held devices as they don’t won’t to depend on the Google’s Android OS. There are many firms working hard to make new OS with the multinational companies support and assurance from them. People will love the OS that will use less data for their daily routine works along with the latest Apps. Time only will say who will be the winner in this OS

Source: Four Square.