Will the 4G LTE Technology reach common man?

Will the 4G LTE Technology reach common man?
More and more mobile network operators are investing on 4G LTE in the hope of getting lot of profit in the future. The problem is not all the people are well paid to have Smartphones and to spend time on playing games or solving puzzles. Most of the people like to have a mobile phone to communicate rather than traveling to meet a person. Their salary is not enough to buy a Smartphone even if they are coming with cheap price tag. Many people are not ready to get a data plan to use the internet through their phone. Many of them are afraid of the phone banking too.
Only young people are spending money on the Smartphone in the emerging markets and they too are looking for free Wi-Fi connectivity to get the free stuffs from the internet rather than paying for it. See how the Skype, Viber, WhatsApp are on the front run. Because they offer free service, once they say money for the service every one will leave them and will look for another free one. The email had been invented so many years back and 90% users are not ready to pay a single cent for the usage instead they are ready to read the advertisements in their mail. If they try to charge to get money for the email service tomorrow, day after tomorrow the internet will loose 3/4 of its users.
So if the 4G LTE technology want to survive and stay as the latest path to connectivity it must not wait for the latest Smartphones and new SIMS. It must accept the 3G technology handsets and the SIM to become as the leader other wise it can be a war in the history between the Pal and the Betamax Video, or like the war between the DVD and the Blue Ray.
So let’s wait and see whether mass number of people will buy latest Smartphone and new kind of SIM and throw away their old Smartphone to get the new 4G LTE technology or will they stay as a loyal customer of the current 3G technology.  Any how it will take long years for the common man to adopt the 4G LTE technology and in the mean time the new 5G technology will be introduced.
Any how this year (2013) nearly 0.98 billion Smartphones are expected to be shipped through out the world.