WhatsApp to be plugged out in S. Arabia soon?

WhatsApp to be plugged out in S. Arabia soon?
Saudi Arabia’s 15.8 million Internet subscribers already had lost their Viber connection in their PC, Laptop, Smartphones and other hand held devices due to the ban by Saudi Authorities. What is next? WhatsApp is on the verge of being banned in the oil rich kingdom. Hard hit will be the Smartphone users who are using these Apps, specially those expatriates workers living in the Saudi Arabia numbering nearly 9 million depending on the internet for checp callings and text messaging.

If the WhatsApp company comply with requirements drawn by the the request of the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), then the banning will be executed and it is expected before the month of Ramadan.

Actually most people believe that the Government is in the process of gripping control over cyberspace as Internet users are increasing in large number every year.

According to available reports Viber was blocked in Saudi Arabia last week for non-compliance with the authorities’ request.

The next VoIP program to be blocked there is expected to be Skype to control the internet and to increase the country’s revenue.