Twitter Explodes Due to FIFA world Cup.

Latest News: Germany clinched the FIFA world cup by beating Argentina 1 – 0 in the extra time, as the regular 90 minutes period ended in a goal less draw in front of the capacity of 75,000 people. As usual Twitter posts were made by fans and this time  618,725 tweets per minute were sent once the final whistle was blown. This is a new record as the Brazil loss by 7 – 1 to Germany had seen 580,166 tweets per minute is now in the second record set. In total 35.6 million tweets were sent by Twitter users responding to this final cup match.

Each and every social media sites may claim that they are the biggest one with number of fan base. But when comes one event like FIFA world Cup Twitter beats all the rivals. For example when USMNT was playing against the hot favorite country Germany Twitter users were sending millions of tweets around the world. Luckily the Germans had a difficult time against the USMNT during the 90 minutes of play. They were able to put just one goal passing the US goal keeper Howard. So that day the  Twitter didn’t had much trouble to handle the tweets and the re-tweets.

But the day when the Germany tear down the super South American giants Brazil to a 7 – 1 game the Twitter too made records of tweets on that football game. Nearly 35.6 million tweets were sent out by people during and after the game.  American Super Bowl had seen only 24.9 million posts during the game. Here goal by goal the number of posts increasing rapidly at one point  580,000 tweets per minute was registered when Sami Khedira scored Germany’s fifth goal.

Still there are no words from the Brazil telecom about the number of calls that day passed through its service.

Germany fans may forget the event as they are the winners but Brazilians won’t forget this defeat at the hands of the  super European team as they are the losers  and the Twitter stand by them too with its record making tweets posts.

Well we can wait and see what is going to happen on the FIFA 2014 Champion match day -14th July 2014 where Argentina is facing the Germans in the final.