Smart watches and their battery power.

Smartwatches and their battery power.

After the Smartphones and Tablet innovations the techno land people are looking at the watches to make them as the next cash cow. Already most of the corporate companies are working hard to bring their own hand wearable internet connected computers in to the market. Their ideas are ok, but the batteries that are going to power them must be tiny ones but must come with enough power to stand the needs of the customer is the big problem.

Decades back Japan’s Casio Inc came with the LCD watches that can work for years with the program they put in for to run a clock, calendar, stop watch and calculator. After some period the battery need replacement. Now Sony Corporation have its own small version of smart watches that can do many tasks along with your Smartphone. There is Smart watch coming from Gnomio which come with many features and it allows you to install apps from Windows Phone store. It can be synchronized with any Windows Phone. Also allows you to get notifications from Facebook, Twitter messages and emails. It offers a time and date display up to 7 days. Bluetooth 3.0/4.0, light sensor, inbuilt microphone/speaker, accelerometer, Micro USB for power supply and connectivity with computer are its other futures. Expected price is US$ 80

But now the iWatches or Smartwatches are expected to go through the WWNW (world wide network) and to perform many tasks as an internet connected computer. With the color LCD or LED screen a normal lithium battery will not support it even 24 hours time period.

So what are the options?
A battery with atom power?
A rechargeable battery with the NFC?
Or you have to charge it through the provided charger? (Everyday charging?)
Or easy to swap battery compartments?
Or you have to charge it by the provided charger

This is the main thing that the industry is facing as the biggest task to come out with their smart-watch revolution. Even if they come with a proper idea there is concern about the person’s health, who is going to wear it for long hours every day. Each person in the world is worried about the waves that are produced by their phones when they make calls so will they not worry about this battery that are too small and comes with mass power?

Medical researchers and the Insurance companies are the one that are much worried about this Smart watch development and their side affects for the front end user. Let’s wait and see, will they come out perfectly or with unanswerable questions about the health risks?