PC Calling to Real Phone Numbers.

PC Calling to Real Phone Numbers.

PC calling to real phone numbers is available from many popular companies. These companies use the VoIP method to provide free calls. Mean while some companies offer these service as an introduction or to promote their service where they will ask you to pay for their service after some time. Most of them are providing these free phone calls to countries like USA and Canada. So if you have friends, relatives or business interest in these countries you can contact your people through this free calling method. Many parents too are using this kind of service to dial to their loving children who are taking higher studies in the USA and Canada.
Also take care not to disturb those people as there is time difference from your country and some time they may be sleeping after a hard day of work.
And take note these free calls are not good to make any emergency call. For that you must use your land line or regular mobile phone.
Another thing is that these calls are good through head phones and your PC (also good for Laptops.) must have the required latest versions to run these software.

Google Voice.


This is the best free call making program for countries like USA and Canada. You can find this program in your Gmail account on the left side. Once you click the call button there you will get the dial pad and their terms and conditions and acceptance box ( Only for the first time). If you accept them then you will get one dollar free credit too from them.
So now every time you login to your Google account you are ready to call your friends and relatives in the USA and Canada for free. To call other countries through this path you have to buy credit from them.
Also Google Voice lets you choose a new phone number that stays with you, not a device or location.
If you have a Google Voice number you can also receive calls from right within Gmail.
You can receive & reply to SMS messages by email
Google Voice mobile app is available for iPhone, Android phones and BlackBerry.
Google Voice.


Here is another program from Evaphone which allows you to make short free international calls to real phones. Don’t have money to tell one important message through a phone? Well go to this web site and make your free call to any phone in any part of the world. Actually this company is operating from 2007 as a developer and a provider of solutions in the field of programming and telecommunications. Their service is available 24 hours a day all around the world. Thousands of customers from Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Latin America had bought their credits from them to call at low price to land lines and mobile phones located in any part of the world.

The important thing is the call can be 10 seconds to 1 minute depending the country you are calling and a PC can place only 2 calls per day. The other disadvantage is you have to watch a promotional video before you start your call.

To call through EvaPhone here.


Free phone calls from iCall.
iCall is another international program which allows you to make free calls as PC to real phones in any phone to North America. Yes it allows you to dial American and Canadian phone numbers from your PC through their softphone that has been installed in the PC. Each call allowed duration is just 5 minutes only but there is no limitation for the number of calls that you can make. On the mean time each time you make a call the program will run a 10 seconds advertisement and after that only your will start. Install their softphone in any computer or laptop to get and to have the free calls. Also they provide a App that is good for Smartphone.
Also you can visit their web site and can use their flash program phone any time. But the call duration is limited to 3 minutes only and you have to use a headphone to talk and listen to the phone conversation.
Read what the iCall say about them.
“iCall lets you make free phone calls, video chat and text on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android device.”
Go here to make the iCall.

Source: voip-providers.com