Mobile Phone Sales and Service in Africa.


Smartphone sales picked up in the Africa region where these affordable priced gadgets from lesser known phone companies had more sales than the top brands. But many parts of the Africa’s popular countries lack in proper network updates and coverage towers. Still the mobile phone SMS text message service is looked as the great escape for the cash ridden village people who depend only on this service to market their products and to get the market prices.


In the recent times the Kenyan mobile phone market is slowing as the Kenyan government had imposed sales tax on mobile phones. Earlier there was no sales tax applied for the mobile phones in Kenya from the year 2009. On the other hand marketers say the official figure may be low but the phone sales are still high and the gadgets are smuggled in to the country and sold at low price than the officially imported phones through the legal means.


Mean while the South Africa Telkom SA said that there are no bids from any company for to buy their communication towers that are numbering around 1,600. But on the other hand they said that they have optional talks with various parties consider best options for the business. South Africa’s Telkom Mobile got to have 1.56 million customers as per the 2013 report.


Vodafone Ghana has started the Network Upgrade procedure at the cost of nearly $33 Million. This will make the company to have more than 400 base stations added to its earlier ones through out Ghana by March this year. Vodafone Ghana expects to be a reliable service provider in the mobile phone sector in the country. Vodafone mobile holds 70% of the company’s stake while the Ghana government owns the rest 30% in the company.

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