Cell Phone for Soldiers. Give your share.

Here is an interesting article on the helping hands who used to make the U.S Forces to contact their homes from their overseas stations. You too can support them with small donations to them.

“In 2004, a brother and sister from Massachusetts started a program to help soldiers overseas.
Rob and Brittany Bergquist were 12 and 13 years old and had only $21 when they founded Cell Phones for Soldiers.  The non-profit organization collects donations and used cell phones to provide prepaid calling cards to soldiers who are serving overseas.

According to its website, since 2004 Cell Phones for Soldiers has provided more than 3 million prepaid cards which have allowed for more than 200 million minutes of free talk time.  The organization ships around 8,000 calling cards per week and has helped recycle more than 11 million cell phones.”

Read more of the article through this link.