About ePhone.
Now the whole world knows about the high quality performance of the ePhone which is operating through the VoIP technology. Its free VoIP App allows you to use from any part of the world to make and receive calls. Your own real phone number will allow you to receive calls from any country at any time. It operates through Wi-Fi or through your data plan. When you are using the available Wi-Fi network no need to worry about the expensive phone charges that used to come from your mobile  phone carrier.

Visit the website www.ephone.net there you can buy minutes at $5, $10 or $30 price for to make international dialing while you are on the move in any foreign country.
ephone call

They used to provide  following Features.
One phone number free of charge.
No tariff for incoming calls.
Charge less calling between  ePhone numbers through out the world.
This App is best suited for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones, tablets and your Mac or PC.

Simply get the App installed in your device and get the unlock key and activate it.

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