Why Skype and Viber are not working in my Smartphone?

Why Skype and Viber are not working in my Smartphone?

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Skype, Viber and other VoIP Apps are not working in some Smartphone? This is the question asked by lot of people from all over the world. When they buy their new Smartphone they can find out whether those Apps are available as pre-loaded from the factory. If not you can install them by yourself. So when you want to install any of these products, don’t go to the App through third party web sites. Go directly to the Google Play or iTunes web site and get them and install them according to the original instructions.
Going through third party web sites will lead to unwanted scripts to be installed in your handset from third party companies and some time they may track your activities.

Main reason for the Skype, Viber or other VoIP Apps not functioning in your handset is memory problem. The memory level available in your Smartphone may be used by images, video clips and through multimedia files. The first thing you have to do is to transfer all those files from your phone memory to your memory card and make more free space in the phone memory. Sure, after this procedure your Skype and Viber will function perfectly. No more dropped calls and no more missed calls from your Smartphone.

If this don’t solve your problem then you have to delete those programs from your gadget and re-install them again, this action will sure do clear all your problems.

So when you buy a new latest handset or already have one go to the setting and set the photos taken by the camera directly goes to the extended memory and not to the phone memory. Like wise set videos and music files to be saved in your memory card. This will make the phone to work faster.

If these procedures don’t solve your problem then proceed to do the hard reset (Reboot) of your Smartphone. This won’t delete any thing from your phone but will bring to the original factory setting. This mode will solve most of your problems related to the phone.
How to reboot iPhone?
Press and hold the home button and the sleep-wake button together.
Keep holding both buttons it shuts off and begins to restart.
Don’t accept the power off request and continue pressing.
If you can see the Apple logo means you had done with the hard reset process.
It will take little longer to get the main screen.

How to Reboot Samsung Smartphone?
From the main screen
Go to the Menu
Select Settings
Go to Phone Settings
Select Security and click Reset Settings.
Reset “Restore Factory Settings”.
Answer “All” and “Yes”.
After little time restart your Samsung Phone.

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