phone card

Cheap phone cards or calling cards to make calls to Sri Lanka from the U.S.A is the one you are always searching in the internet. Are they realy good ones to buy? Yes, there are many good ones and there are some fake ones too. you can buy them from malls and through the internet. There are people who use to make regular phone calls to Sri Lanka and people used to make calls once in a month.

It is very easy to make phone calls to Sri Lanka from USA through land lines and mobile phones at very cheap price. Although the PC, Laptop, Smartphone and tablet users can make free calls through the free messengers and free call Apps , if both parties are members in the same App. For example millions of people are using the Skype, Viber, WhatsUp and GoogleTalk to make simple phone calls and video calls without paying a single cent. Also these users can buy call minutes and can dial to any one they want which are priced at very low price.
Here are some useful information about the calling cards that you can buy in the USA.
How you are going to buy your card?
Through the online websites?
When you use your credit card or debit card to buy these phone cards, handling charges may apply, when you purchase them online.
Using bank transfer to buy calling cards?
Yes, the Bank charges may apply to your purchase.
So add these expenses and calculate the card’s price.

If you are buying from agents or retailer physically, there won’t be any additional charges.
Once you had started to make international telephone calls, how long the remaining balance is valid for?
The validity is for one month, 6 months or one year, while some companies promise that their cards never expires.

Check it out before you buy the phone card whether your calling minutes are charged equally or is there any other hidden calling charges will apply.
Good VoIP phone call service providers charge each minute equally.
This kind of phone cards you can talk for 5 minutes and then can make another call on another day. Some phone cards companies charge first minute at higher rate as for the connection fess and then reduce it for the following minutes. These types of phone cards are better to talk continuously and finish till to the last second.

There are phone cards that are marked for land lines only and if you happened to call a Sri Lanka mobile phone from a U.S.A mobile phone then your phone card will last for just one or two minutes only. So don’t forget to check the phone card whether it can support your phone call to Sri Lanka. The best way to select a phone card to call from the USA to Srilanka is to get advice from any of your friends who use these kinds of phone calls.

Free Phone Cards.
During the holiday season companies and individuals used to present phone cards to service personal who are staying in the battle fields and to their families to make free calls between them. Many organizations and charities in the USA are supporting the soldiers through this phone card donation. If you are interested in donating pre paid phone cards to military service personal in the holiday season, then you must visit this web site. Mean while some phone companies are providing cash and calling cards to women in shelters. Also there are many nonprofit organizations which are in need of donated pre paid phone cards for to provide to their volunteers who used to fly far away destinations for to carry their duties. Also in many other developed countries aid groups used to visit to many refugee camps and donated free calling cards to those refugees who are in need to call their far relatives.