Samsung Phone Price 2016.

Samsung Phone Price 2016.

Samsung Smartphone Price 2016. Here are the much awaited Samsung Smartphone price for the year 2016. This price may vary according to your memory requirements, single or dual SIM, Rose Gold edition, 4G LTE connectivity and carrier selection. Some stores an carriers offer the facility to purchase on monthly installment plan through selected Credit Cards.In some cases carrier lock may apply. In this situation you can’t go for another carrier without paying the original required price to the current carrier. The Samsung Smartphones sold in Sri Lanka meets the TRC requirements for a mobile phone to be used in Sri Lanka.

Before buying any of the devices, check for the guarantee period. Ask for the size of the SIM that device will use. Also verify if there are any problems whom to contact for the repairs. Some sellers are offering free stuffs (Like router, selfie stick and so on) with the devices you buy.So check it also from the vendor.

Galaxy A3 (2016)                               Rs. 33,100.00
Galaxy A3 4G LTE SM-A300F             Rs. 30,900.00
Galaxy A3 Duos 3G SM-A300H           Rs. 30,900.00
Galaxy A3 Duos LTE SM-A300            Rs. 30,900.00
Galaxy A5 (2016)                               Rs. 38,900.00
Galaxy A5 LTE SM-A500F                  Rs. 36,000.00
Galaxy A7 A710                                 Rs.47,900.00
Galaxy A7 (2016) Duos                       Rs. 52,900.00
Galaxy A7 (2016)                                Rs. 52,000.00
Galaxy A7 4G LTE                              Rs. 48,000.00
Galaxy A8 Duos                                 Rs. 56,000.00
Galaxy A9 (2016) Duos                       Rs. 67,000.00
Galaxy A9 (2016)                                Rs. 59,900.00
Galaxy Ace 3 Duos S7272                   Rs. 37,800.00
Galaxy Ace NXT 2                               Rs. 9,300.00
Galaxy Ace NXT SM-G313H                 Rs. 10,500.00
Galaxy Core 2 Dual SIM SM-G355H      Rs. 22,000.00
Galaxy Core LTE SM-G386F                 Rs. 43,300.00
Galaxy Core Prime 4G LTE SM-G360G  Rs. 13,990.00
Galaxy Core Prime Dual SM-G360H      Rs. 13,500.00
Galaxy Core Prime                               Rs. 13,500.00
Galaxy E5 Dual                                   Rs. 44,000.00
Galaxy Fame Duos S6812                    Rs. 16,500.00
Galaxy Fame S6810                             Rs. 16,600.00
Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102           Rs. 24,950.00
Galaxy Grand 2 LTE SM-G7105             Rs. 24,950.00
Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7100                    Rs. 48,000.00
Galaxy Grand Duos I9082                      Rs. 34,000.00
Galaxy Grand Neo GT-I9060                   Rs. 27,000.00
Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Dual GT-I9060I   Rs. 20,800.00
Galaxy Grand Prime Dual SIM LTE         Rs. 16,850.00
Galaxy Grand Prime Duos SM-G530H    Rs. 17,000.00
Galaxy Grand Prime LTE SM-G530F      Rs. 16,990.00
Galaxy J1 (2016) Duos                          Rs. 12,600.00
Galaxy J1 Ace Dual SM-J110                 Rs. 9,700.00
Galaxy J1 Dual SIM                              Rs. 10,500.00
Galaxy J1 Nxt                                      Rs. 8,800.00
Galaxy J2 (2016)                                  Rs. 17,200.00
Galaxy J2 SM-J200F                            Rs. 13,900.00
Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos                         Rs. 18,100.00
Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos                         Rs. 18,199.00
Galaxy J3 (2016)                                 Rs. 18,199.00
Galaxy J5                                           Rs.22,900.00
Galaxy J5 (2016) Duos                         Rs. 25,200.00
Galaxy J5 4G J500                               Rs.19,900.00
Galaxy J5 Dual Sim LTE                       Rs. 20,100.00
Galaxy J7 (2016) Duos                         Rs. 29,690.00
Galaxy J7 (2016) J710                          Rs.28,900.00
Galaxy J7 (2016)                                 Rs. 29,650.00
Galaxy J7 Dual Sim                             Rs. 23,900.00
Galaxy J7 Prime                                  Rs. 34,100.00
Galaxy Note 3 N9006                           Rs.38,900.00
Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE N7505             Rs. 49,700.00
Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910                      Rs. 63,500.00
Galaxy Note 5                                    Rs. 72,900.00
Galaxy Note 7 64GB                           Rs. 127,950.00
Galaxy Note 7 Duos 64GB                   Rs. 128,900.00
Galaxy Note 7 N930                            Rs.103,900.00
Galaxy Note Edge                               Rs. 99,900.00
Galaxy On5 4G G5500                        Rs.15,900.00
Galaxy On5                                        Rs. 17,250.00
Galaxy On7                                        Rs. 23,099.00
Galaxy S Duos 3 SM-G313                  Rs. 9,500.00
Galaxy S3 Mini I8190                          Rs. 20,000.00
Galaxy S4 I9500                                 Rs. 19,500.00
Galaxy S4 mini LTE I9195                   Rs. 33,950.00
Galaxy S5 LTE SM-G900F                   Rs. 53,500.00
Galaxy S5 SM-G900                           Rs. 70,000.00
Galaxy S6 32GB                                Rs. 57,900.00
Galaxy S6 64GB                                Rs. 54,000.00
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925                  Rs.66,300.00
Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB                       Rs. 66,500.00
Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB                       Rs. 82,650.00
Galaxy S6 edge Plus 32GB               Rs. 76,900.00
Galaxy S7 32GB                               Rs. 42,100.00
Galaxy S7 edge 32GB                       Rs. 85,500.00
Galaxy S7 edge Dualism G935           Rs.91,900.00
Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (2016) T719           Rs.62,900.00
Galaxy V Duos SM-G313HZ               Rs. 14,500.00
Galaxy Y Hello Kitty S5360                Rs. 14,500.00
Z1                                                     Rs. 9,500.00

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