iPhone 6S Battery Replacement.

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement.


Some iPhone 6S users are experiencing sudden shut down unexpectedly due to its battery power supply problem. Apple Inc has announced a free battery replacement program for those iPhone 6S devices and other devices, if they have the warranty covered or if they have the AppleCare+ program for that device. if your device is not covered by any of these then you have to pay US$ 79 at any service point to replace the battery.

Before you take it for repair charge it for reasonable time period to see whether the problem really exists. if so backup your data (backup data in iTunes or iCloud. Turn off find my iPhone. Then erase all data in the device.) and visit one of the Apple store or call them. Simple battery replacement can be done while you are waiting other wise it may take 3- 5 days.

The iPhone 6S was released last year 2015 in the USA with other devices such as iPhone 6S Plus. Later the devices were marketed in Europe, Asia, S.America, Australia and Africa region. Lot of devices sold out on the release date and people stated to buy them all over the world in the later period.Until this year there were no complaints about the device or its accessories. recently only the iPhone 6s battery problem surfaced from the iPhone 6S users and the Apple Inc took the matter seriously and started to provide assistance to repair those devices that were affected due to this issue.
In Sri Lanka too lot of people using this device for its style and powerful operating system and other popular features it used to offer. The device is being priced around Rs 119,000/- in the stores. For an average Sri Lanka person this is extremely high price although young people show more interest in having one of this device to be in the fore front of their friend’s group.

Here is the Apple Support page for the fix. https://support.apple.com/iphone/repair/battery-power
Source: iphonelanka.com