International And Local Calling Cards.

There are two kinds of calling cards are available all over the world. If you look at Sri Lanka market, there are local calling cards and International calling cards are available for the public and the visiting tourists. These cards looks similar to bank credit cards. Srilanka calling cards can be used to make local and the international calls through any public phone. These phone cards are available for purchase through communication centers, phone card resellers and phone shops. These phone cards are marked with their price in Sri Lanka Rupees. Usually they are not marked with the amount of calling minutes as it may vary with the peak or off peak time calling and the country the user is calling. Sundays and holidays will give you more talking time in most of the countries except the Arab countries where Friday is holiday. In Sri Lanka Poya days are considered as holidays along with Saturdays and Sundays.

Around the English New Year and the local Sinhala and Tamil New year period lot of phone cards are sold locally as lot of people want to wish thier family members living overseas.

Every time you insert the phone card according to instruction, the magnet bar or the computer chip will show you the available or remaining money in the card. Once the call is in process, the money will get reduced according to the type of the call. You can watch the remaining money in the digital counter on the phone.
As a caller you must know that making a call to mobile phone or CDMA or to the satellite phone will be costly one than calling any fixed line with a land line connection.

How to call?

Before you insert the card in to the public phone read the instruction printed on the card carefully. If you are going to make a call for a long time with two calling cards, then you have the option of inserting the second card before the first card going to finish its money value. Once the first card is going to finish you will hear a warning signal while you are talking. With out stop talking you can press the continue button and remove the first card and insert the second card. This way you can get more minutes than cutting and connecting a new call.

After making the calls don’t forget to remove the card and to keep it in a safe place for future use, if the phone card got enough calling money.
Available Local Calling Cards.

Etisalat Sri Lanka offers 4 kinds of phone cards for their customers. These Etisalat Sri Lanka cards are available at Rs 25/-, 49/-, 99/- and Rs 299/-. According to the amount the facility will give different call times. The important thing is that it will connect to 3.75G network service to connect to the internet from your Smartphone or Tablet.
Rs 25/- Phone card offers you
50 MB Data.
Etisalat to Etisalat 50 SMS.
The validity of the card is one day only.

Rs 49/- Phone card offers you
150 MB Data
Etisalat to Etisalat Voice calls 10 Mins
Voice calls outside Network. 04 Mins.
The validity of the card is 7 days.

Rs 99/- Phone card offers you
350 MB Data
Etisalat to Etisalat Voice calls 20 Mins
Voice calls outside Network 10 Mins.
The validity of the card is 14 days.

Rs 299/- Phone card offers you
1024 MB Data
Etisalat to Etisalat Voice calls 50 Mins
Voice calls outside Network 35 Mins.
The validity of the card is 30 days.

SLT IDD Calling Cards.
SLT budget IDD cards are available from from SLT Regional Offices, Teleshop or from over 3000 dealers island wide.

Card Denomination
Validity Period
Rs.100  10 days
Rs.200  20 days
Rs.500  30 days
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