Qibla Finder by Google


Qibla Finder released by Google to help Muslims who are looking for the direction of the Kaaba, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the site of Islam’s most sacred mosque. Through this App or webbased program they can find the direction of Qibla to face during their prayer time wherever they want.
There are already lot of Apps are available for to find the Qibla. This one is a newly developed webapp from Google is set to make the search easier and accessible right from a web browser. Until now people searched through search to guide them the direction for prayer. But now with the help of your Smartphone just switch on your location and look at the screen and turn to the marked direction, it will show you the direction where you need to face for to make the prayer.

The system can be accessed through the desktop or through laptop. The Qibla Finder works best on Smartphone and tablets.. Let the app to have access the device’s location. Then users can hold their phones flat and turn around until you can see an emoji of the Kaaba in the distance. That is it.