Today is the day For Indian Cricket Fans.

Today is the day For Indian Cricket Fans.
Indian people did tweeted millions of tweets today as their cricket team took on their arch rival Pakistan in Australia. Twitter account was busy mostly through Smartphones and Tablets. It was estimated that more than 1.3 billion did watched this match through TV’s, Cable, Satellite and through internet.

Tickets for this match had been sold within 20 minutes of time when it opened for sale.India and Pakistan played at the venue of Adelaide Oval grounds where India beat Pakistan by 76 runs with the help of the Indian batsman Virat Kohli who also became the first Indian to make a hundred against Pakistan in a World Cup game.

This is the sixth straight win for India over Pakistan in the World Cup matches.

Indian cricket team captain Dhoni said “This World Cup record is good and we are proud of it, But a time will come when we will lose to them. This record won’t stay for the rest of our lives”.

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