Super Bowl 2017. Lady Gaga Singing with Drone Lights.


Lady Gaga is expected to perform at the half time of this year’s Super Bowl Game for the game lovers and for the TV viewers. It is sure, the 30 year old singer Lady Gaga’s charmig voice with her body swaying will make the people high with joy. An attractive singer who got millions of fans all over the world is to perform for the first time in the half time show of the U.S Super Bowl 2017.

There are hope that hundreds of drone will lit the sky with lights, if they are cleared to fly in the arena. Normally drones are not allowed in the stadium due to safety regulations. So they are cleared for the event you may have the chance to memorize a fabulous event with Lady gaga and her voice with the much effected lighting from the sky.

The game of football is highlighted by the Super Bowl. Specially designed and targeted commercials and the Half Time show used to attract millions of viewers through the TV channels all over the world.

This prestigious annual football championship event will not have a 2nd show as for available reports. Lady Gaga will perform at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on February 5, 2017. Don’t miss the live event.

As per Twitter, Gaga had tweeted about her happiness to perform at the Super Bowl in front of thousands people and for millions of viewers through the TV.
Recently Gaga’s album Joanne, was released with ‘Perfect Illusion’ and ‘Million Reasons’. So her fans can expect her to perform those two songs.


Her Latest National Performance.