Usain Bolt set 9.98sec for 100m indoors

Usain Bolt set a new best time of 9.98sec for the 100m indoors

Usain Bolt the world record holder for the 100 meters – 9.58s – and Olymic champion had broken the 1996 record of the Namibian Frankie Fredericks (10.05s) in Warsaw indoor meet. The champion who was injured for the past few years, ran the race in the roof covered Warsaw stadium is expected to participate in the Zurich’s Diamond League meeting next week.

In the event the Jamaican competed with his country athelete Sheldon Mitchell and American sprinter Trell Kimmons.

On August 17th Usain Bolt did an exhibition race on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach where he clocked a time of 10.6sec.
Alss in the last held Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, he joined the Jamaican 4x100m relay team to make it victorious one.

Bolt is expected to compete in his final Olympics in Rio De Janeiro in the year 2016. This news and videos are being Tweeted through Smartphone and Tablets through the internet by thousands of people this week.