Tablet or Smartphone?



Lot of people are confused with the selection of their hand held device. Apple Inc and Samsung are the leaders in this field hand held device production and they used to announce new products every year.  These Smartphone and Tablets used to come with new features every year to attract new buyers and to make their previo9us clients to up grade to their latest model. Never mind what it is. It can be a Tablet or Smartphone but they want to upgrade it whenever there is new Smartphone or tablet.

Young people are the one more confused than the adult people when they want to select a device for their personal use to select from the Tablet and Smartphone.
Tablet offers them more view-able area and clear images and more smooth graphics. It comes with large battery to give enough power while it is easy to charge it while while you are at the home. It is not necessary it to be a secondary phone. So the Tablet will be more cheaper than the one with the mobile phone SIM facility. But with out the SIM card you have to depend on Wi-Fi networks for to be connected to the internet. The main inconvenience is that the table is little heavy to hold in the hand all the while you are doing your tasks. You can keep them on stands but the viewing angle may not give you the proper view and brilliant colors.

On the other hand the Smartphone industry is improving its look, processing speed, curved screen, more pixel to get better image and brilliant colors. Battery side too improving rapidly to give you more power to do your tasks. The latest new batteries can provide power for  nearly 48 of hours.On the camera side latest Smartphones are just like SLR cameras to capture best images and edit them easily in it. You can make HD videos very easily and share with your friends easily. They can be your electronic purse, home theater control and communication tool. Easy to carry. Easy to fit in your pocket.
In the recent years that the Smartphone sales is taking over the Tablet sales. This may be due to new users entering in to the hand held world.

But if you ask any Teenager, which theywill prefer a Smartphone or a Tablet, then they will answer both of them.
Yes, they are funded by their parents. So the teen will prefer a Smartphone to go out with while he want to entertain himself at home with his Tablet.