Samsung Smartphone Promotion.

Samsung Year End Smartphone Promotion in Sri Lanka.

Galaxy G610F J7

Samsung year end promotion are now taking place in Sri Lanka. Every year seasonal sales used to be announced here as most of the people expect for it. Nearly all the brands and companies used to look for this opportunity to boost there sales. And people too are ready to spend lavishly during these holiday season. TV advertisement, Radio advertisement, Newspaper and electronic hoardings too are doing their best to attract customers are who are ready to spend money.

In this manner the Samsung too has announced price reduction along with some special presents for each and every Smartphone purchase.
Galaxy G610F J7 Prime 4G 2016 Model price Rs 41,550/-
Galaxy J710F J7 4G 2016 Model price Rs 36,700/-
Galaxy J Max 4G Model price Rs 29,250/-
Galaxy J510F J5 4G 2016 Model price Rs 31,000/-
Galaxy J3 4G 2016 Model price Rs 23,100/-
Galaxy J201F J2 4G 2016 Model price Rs 22,300/-
Galaxy J120F J1 2016 Model price Rs 15,400/-

Source: Sundaytimes