Samsung Galaxy7 Being Recalled.

Samsung Galaxy7 Recall.

Latest News on Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
There is no solid answer from the company regarding the replacement and of new production on the device as images of charred phones are coming out in the social media. The company already acknowledge it was “adjusting production” of the device.

Samsung has recalled their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones numbering nearly 2.5 million due to some battery charging problem. It has been reported that some of these devices had exploded while being charged. The giant screen device with a stylus was being sold for the price of US $850 in the USA. And now the company had seizes its sales.

As per the experts it is normal for battery fires to happen in the Smartphones. But in this case nearly 7 devices had got fire within a short period. So there was a big concern regarding the safety of the device. Already many airlines had requested their passengers not to enter in the flight with the particular brand device.

Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy Note 7 on August 19 in the markets throughout the world including the U.S.A