Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Released.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Released.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was officially released today and it is expected to be availavle in the stores by next fall. There is not much difference in the device when compare it with the last version Galaxy Note 3. But the display is 5.7 inches and the pixel per inch is improved from the previous model. Its charging capacity is very fast where you can charge 50% of the battery within 30 minutes of time.
Its S Pen stylus is too made with many improvements.

In the camera technology side the low light performance is very good while the front one is 16-megapixel one while the rear facing camera is a good 3.7 megapixel camera. You can take selfie in the panorama mode with this Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Another feature of the device is split-screen technology along with the facility to change the size of windows or minimize them, also you can move them around to any part of the screen.