New Technologies in Smartphones.

More people are depending on their Smartphones than their Laptop or PC. These Smartphones can do many things in a quick time. Even charging their batteries too are very easy. No need wired charger, just drop it on the NFC connector charging disk. No more hours of charging the flash chargers can do the job within 10 – 20 minutes to have power for another two hours.

No more bulk sized Smartphone. They now slim and ultra thin in size. Even some models can be rolled and kept in your pocket.
They use all the space on the front foe display screen as no bezel (boarder less) screen in the latest models. (See the above image of Mi Mix Smartphone).
Your finger or eye is the password for the device. (Scanning)
6GB Ram
256 GB Memory and can be extended with Micro SD card.
Rear Camera 20 – 23 GB with Auto Focus and LED Flash.
Some of the smartphones boast of 13 MP to 20 MP front camera.
No more headphone holes. (Use air play)
Move away your eyes from the phone when watching a video, the video will freeze at that point.
Taking the device near to your ear the sensor will stop the screen display to save battery.
Water Resistant and many more features are available in the latest Smartphones.
Allows you to store your files in the cloud storage.
If the phone is lost you can locate it and if anybody try to start it, you will get a snap of the person as advised.
Phone lost? Go to your PC and erase all the content in the phone through the internet then lock it and then track where it is located.
Some devices have the settings as, if someone try to use the stolen or lost get a snap of the person and send it to the owners social media page along with the cell phone’s current location.
Ceramic Scratch less body.

Power banks too are available as 16000mAh for quick recharging of your device..
The latest battery power soon will be enough to start a battery drained car.

So you can keep your old cell phones as antique collection in your home. Don’t forget to remove its battery.