Huawei Smartphone.

Huawei Smartphone.

Now the communities are depending much on Smartphone Apps to do many kind of work and to get assistance. The Huawei Smartphone is emerging as the fastest growing one in the world.  Originally the manufacturing company is China but the product is now selling all over the world in every corner at affordable price for the common people. Want to connect to Facebook, send a message through your Twitter account or like to view a popular video clip in the Youtube web site? Don’t worries all the Huawei Smartphones provide the solution in seconds by downloading the Apps from the internet. Most of the Android Apps that are good for the Huawei Smartphone are free to install and use in your device. Some of the models can accept dual SIM too.

All these devices are operating with the popular Android OS which is currently throne as the No 1 Smartphone operating system in the world.

In Sri Lanka you can get the warranty and after service when you make a contract through the phone dealer. Also most of the models come with expandable memory through the external memory card.
Their popular series are as follows.

GR5 Premium Version (2017) Rs. 37,900
Y5 (2017) Rs.16,900
GR3 (2017) Rs.26,700
GR3 Rs.26,200
P10 Plus Dual SIM 128GB Rs.86,990
P10 Plus Dual SIM Rs.82,990
P10 Dual SIM Rs.76,990
GR5 (2017) Rs.29,900
GR5 Mini Rs.23,200
Y6 2 Rs.18,700
P9 Dual SIM Rs. 45,500
Y5 2 LTE Rs.13,990
Y5 2 3G Rs.12,000
P9 lite Rs.26,400
Y3 2 LTE Rs.10,500
Y3 2 3G Rs.9,400
Y6 Pro LTE Rs.16,950
Honor 5X Rs.25,300
Mate 8 32GB Dual Sim Rs.67,000
G7 Plus Rs.43,500

Ascend Y210 Series

Y210          Price Rs 13,999/-
Y210D        Price Rs 16,999/-

Ascend Y200 Duos

U8661   Price Rs 18,999/-

Ascend G300

U8815    Price Rs 25,999/-



Ascend P1
U9200   Price Rs 54,999/-

Media Pad.


S7     Price Rs 39,999/-



S10  Price Rs 74,999/-