4G LTE in Sri Lanka.

4G-LTE-RouterSri Lanka people are enjoying the 4G LTE connectivity through their Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops throughout the island. Most of the mobile phone carriers used to offer this service to their registered customers. This can be achieved through the 4G LTE mobile phone SIM card, Dongle and 4G LTE routers. Also all your devices with the Wi-Fi features can get this fast internet connection service.
Now you can get Mobile 4G / LTE and Fixed 4G / LTE network in Srilanka.

To get the 4G LTE connectivity for your Smartphone and Tab, your devices must be enabled for latest LTE 1800, Band 3.

4G capabilities LTE 1800, Band 3
Speed Bandwidth : 20Mbps
Burst speed : 40Mbps

Currently all the carriers are offering 4G LTE SIM cards along with free GB data plan to make them their current 2G or 3G connectivity in to mobile phone 4G LTE through their Smartphones. Take note your phone must be capbale of LTE 1800.

Therre are plenty of packages available from them.
Post Paid
Home Package.

Here in Sri Lanka Linksys and Prolink routers are very popular.