Will The iPhone Recapture the Number One Position with iPhone 5S?

Will The iPhone Recapture the Number One Position with iPhone 5S?

When the first iPhone model was launched in 2007 it was a great success. When more Apps were introduced for it, it became the king of the mobile phone world. Tech giants like Google wanted to collaborate with the product and the Apple Inc ignored them all. They thought they are invincible in this mobile field.

The new Smartphones from other companies with cheaper price and trouble free mobile phone operating system sent the iPhone far behind them in the world wide sales except USA where the iPhone got loyal customers. If you look at the performance of the Android operating system, there is no surprise for it to be the leading mobile phone operating system as it is supported by Google and Samsung.

Apple did try to promote their product in the developed countries and they don’t provide product support in third world countries. This was a big mistake they did and the Samsung capitalized on it and became the leader of the Smartphone sales all over the world.

Up to this year nearly 900 million Android devices were activated and nearly 700,000 Apps are available for it. So this is not small news for a middle class income person when he decides to buy a Smartphone whether it is a highly priced iPhone or a local Smartphone at the price of US$ 75.

According to available news Apple the iPhone maker is now coming with new inventions and with plastic body iPhone to compete in the world wide Smartphone market. Plastic body iPhone are expected to come with 8GB memory with low price tag. The phone is called as iPhone 5C and it is priced $100 less to the super model iPhone 5S.  For the 5S people are looking for to buy the  Gold model which is currently out of stock and it is expected to be available by October 2013.

Any way, we can wait and see in September what the Apple CEO is going to show the world at the launch of the new iPhone 5S. In the first week of the iPhone model release nearly 9 million phones are sold out through out the world.

Source: rabbit-tech