What is iPhone 5C ?

What is iPhone 5C ?

iPhone 5C is the cheapest model in the iPhone series with vivid colored plastic covers that you can select from the available ones. Actually this Smartphone is a twin brother of the old iPhone 5 model. There are too much difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C including the technical aspects and price. They may have been released together but the 5C lacks in many things that the 5S can give you.

Any how for those people who can afford little money only to own a Smartphone an iPhone, the 5C will fulfill their ambition of owning of a top branded product at low price. Of course such a phone will need a data plan other wise the user won’t get the full function of the product.

The gadget will work with GSM, CDMA and 4G LTE for voice services and data plan according to your carrier selection.

5C price is low when it is carrying a contract and locked with a carrier other wise if it is unlocked and don’t have contract then it will be one of the expensive phone in the world. A 16GB iPhone 5C is priced at US$ 549 if it is unlocked and don’t have a carrier plan.

It is you to decide on buying this product according to your financial status. Once you purchase this gadget you can get assistance from the popular assistance Siri through your data plan, if it is available in your country and if Siri recognize your voice.

Also take note because of the iPhone 5C Apple had discontinued with the production of iPhone 5 model. On the other hand plenty people prefer the iPhone 5S which is just $100 only as the price different between these 5S and 5C. So the iPhone 5S is selling very fast, specially the Gold color version, when comparing it with the iPhone 5C sales through out the world and in the USA. Mean while retailers who had made a large order for the 5C are now being offered a $50 discount just within two weeks of its release. So the people feel the real iPhone inb the market is the one with the name iPhone 5S. It may be little costly but offers all the latest inventions in a Smartphone that you like to have.

As per the critics, most of them doesn’t approve the model 5C as a worthy one when 5S is available with more features and there is just $100 different in price between them.

Mean while in many countries people are waiting for the new iPhone release dates preferably first week of November 2013