Warning On Mobile Phone SIM.

Warning About Mobile Phone SIM.

PC, Laptop and Smartphone can be controlled by outsiders by planting scripts in them. And they can take control of them if they are connected to internet with out the knowledge of the owner. These scripts used to allow unauthorized access of your device. User can send email, dial calls, transfer money from your bank account. And can perform every other possible things under your name.

Their back round activities not only drain your batteries but also your data plan and your money too.Now the worst had come to every Smartphone owners.

Recently a SIM card hack has been discovered by  Karsten Nohl, German cryptographer and security researcher in the recent years. According to him attackers can get in to the SIM card secretly through the scripts and can send text messages messages or re-direct and record calls that are coming to that particular mobile phone. The trick is carried out through by sending a SMS message to capture the mobile phone through the SIM card.

The reports says that not all the SIM cards are at danger although millions of international phones can be affected if the security flaw goes in to the hands of the cyber criminals. And there are no chances for them to get the security flaw for another six month period.

Many major carriers are now on the path to finding a fix to this problem before it going to affect their business.

Mean while don’t accept or open SMS messages that are coming from unknown people with very interesting headline. Also don’t open attachments that are coming from unknown people stored in your E-Mail inbox. Never play videos in your device that are coming from unknown senders. Never accept unknown peoples’ friend requests in social media apps. Don’t switch on Bluetooth in public places and if you happened to switch on it be careful of those people who try to send you some files. Like wise don’t jump on to unknown peoples’ free Wi-Fi hot spots. These are another route to place controlling scripts in your device. So always use trusted Wi-Fi or pay and use your own Wi-Fi account..