Samsung Phone Prices – 2015. Sri Lanka.

Samsung Phone, Smartphone Prices.


Currently Samsung mobile phones and Smartphones are used by lot of people in Sri Lanka . As the technology is improving and the availability of the faster connectivity  4G LTE had made many Sri Lanka mobile phone users to turn towards the Samsung Smartphone.

See some the device prices as they are standard price over here. Prices may change according to dealer and kind of warranty you are looking for. Make sure to register your Samsung device in the Samsung website. It will provide many benefits for you. Also keep record of your phone’s IMEI number in a safe place.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Egde 32GB                                      Rs. 123,450
Galaxy S6 32GB                                                Rs. 104,600
Core Prime                                            Rs. 17,500
E7 4G                                                     Rs. 48,450
E5 Dual 4G LTE SM-E500F               Rs. 35,800
A3 4G LTE SM-A300F                       Rs. 32,550
E5 Dual                                                  Rs. 39,650
J1 Dual SIM                                          Rs. 14,500
A5 LTE SM-A500F                             Rs. 43,350
Grand Neo Plus Dual GT-I9060I       Rs. 23,750
Core Prime 4G LTE SM-G360G        Rs. 19,050
V Duos SM-G313HZ                             Rs. 13,400
Core Prime Dual SM-G360H              Rs. 16,750
Grand Prime LTE SM-G530F             Rs. 27,500
Note Edge                                                 Rs. 129,950
Grand Prime Duos SM-G530H             Rs. 23,350
S Duos 3 SM-G313                                  Rs. 13,050
Note 4 SM-N910                                     Rs. 80,000
Ace 4 LTE SM-G313F                            Rs. 20,200
Ace 4                                                         Rs. 15,350
Star 2 Duos                                              Rs. 9,400
Alpha SM-G850Y                                   Rs. 57,800
Ace NXT SM-G313H                             Rs. 12,650
Note 3 Neo Dual SIM SM-N7502        Rs. 49,600
Core 2 Dual SIM SM-G355H                Rs. 16,250
S3 Neo I9300I                                        Rs. 27,950
Note 3 Neo LTE N7505                         Rs. 52,400
S5 LTE SM-G900F                                Rs. 58,000
S4 LTE I9505 Black Edition                  Rs. 49,600
S5 SM-G900                                            Rs. 70,000
S3 Mini I8200 Value Edition                  Rs. 20,900
Grand 2 LTE SM-G7105                        Rs. 38,100
Core LTE SM-G386F                               Rs. 30,750
Grand Neo GT-I9060                               Rs. 23,200
Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102                          Rs. 29,950
S4 LTE-A I9506                                         Rs. 55,600
Pocket Neo Duos S5312                              Rs. 17,900
S Duos 2 S7582                                             Rs. 17,300
Ace 3 LTE S7275                                          Rs. 21,800
Grand Quattro I8552                                   Rs. 38,900
Gear                                                                 Rs. 49,900
Mega 6.3 LTE I9205                                     Rs. 53,900
S4 mini LTE I9195                                         Rs. 35,950
Fame Duos S6812                                           Rs. 16,500
Star Duos S5282                                              Rs. 9,500
Note 3 LTE N9005                                         Rs. 65,950
Note 3 3G N9000                                           Rs. 89,900
Express I8730                                                 Rs. 41,000
S4 mini DUOS I9192                                      Rs. 30,500
S4 mini I9190                                                  Rs. 62,900
Core DUOS I8262                                           Rs. 34,500
Core I8260                                                       Rs. 33,900
Mega 5.8 I9152                                                Rs. 64,900
Mega 5.8 I9150                                                Rs. 59,900
Fame S6810                                                      Rs. 16,600
Young Duos S6312                                            Rs. 20,700
S4 LTE I9505                                                    Rs. 46,900
S3 LTE I9305                                                    Rs. 39,650
Y Hello Kitty S5360                                          Rs. 14,500
S4 I9500                                                            Rs. 80,000
Grand I9080                                                      Rs. 54,900
Grand Duos I9082                                             Rs. 34,000
S2 Plus I9105                                                     Rs. 33,100
Note 2 N7100                                                     Rs. 99,900
Note N7000                                                        Rs. 63,000
S3 Mini I8190                                                      Rs. 19,150
S2 I9100                                                              Rs. 39,200
Music Duos S6012                                              Rs. 26,900
S3 I9300                                                              Rs. 40,900
Y Pro Duos B5512                                               Rs. 31,900
S Duos S7562                                                       Rs. 25,700
Ace S5830                                                            Rs. 29,500
Pocket S5300                                                      Rs. 21,900
Y Duos S6102                                                      Rs. 17,900
Y S5360                                                                Rs. 12,350
Samsung Eider FM E1205                                 Rs. 3,000
Samsung Rex 60 C3312R                                  Rs. 10,000