Samsung Phone Price In Sri Lanka.

Samsung Phone Price 2016.
Samsung phones and Smartphones are still the leaders of the Sri Lanka phone market. Last year 2015 lot of Indian and Chinese Smartphones came to the Sri Lanka market. Although the brand royalty of the Samsung remains high with local young people. It is easy for them to connect their Samsung devices to their laptops or to the internet to share chat and files with their friends through the social media websites. Another main thing is repairing it very easy and cheap where accessories and spare parts are available all over the island.

Here we will publish the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone price soon.
2:22 PM 1/22/2016
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Dual SM-J110  Rs. 12,950

Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200F               Rs. 17,950

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus 32GB      Rs. 92,500

Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos                         Rs. 52,350

Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual Sim                   Rs. 32,200

Samsung Galaxy Note 5                            Rs. 85,000

Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual Sim LTE          Rs. 26,500

Galaxy Grand Prime Dual SIM LTE      Rs. 20,800

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB              Rs. 87,950

Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB                        Rs. 84,200

Samsung Z1                                                 Rs. 9,750

Samsung Galaxy A7 4G LTE                     Rs. 50,650

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB                Rs. 82,300

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB                         Rs. 69,900

Samsung Galaxy E7 4G                             Rs. 48,150

Galaxy E5 Dual 4G LTE SM-E500F       Rs. 34,950

Galaxy A3 4G LTE SM-A300F                Rs. 30,800

Samsung Galaxy E5 Dual                           Rs. 42,300

Samsung Galaxy J1 Dual SIM                   Rs. 12,500

Samsung Galaxy A5 LTE SM-A500F      Rs. 38,500

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Dual     Rs. 19,950

Samsung Galaxy V Duos SM-G313HZ     Rs. 14,500

Galaxy Core Prime Dual SM-G360H       Rs. 14,400

Galaxy Grand Prime LTE SM-G530F    Rs. 25,500

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge                      Rs. 99,900

Galaxy Grand Prime Duos SM-G530H   Rs. 26,550

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 SM-G313       Rs. 11,700

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910           Rs. 66,800

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE SM-G313F  Rs. 19,150

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4                               Rs. 17,450

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Duos                     Rs. 8,650

Galaxy Ace NXT SM-G313H                     Rs. 11,800

Galaxy Core 2 Dual SIM SM-G355H       Rs. 15,900

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7100      Rs. 48,000

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I               Rs. 34,000

Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE N7505                 Rs. 49,700

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE SM-G900F      Rs. 53,200

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900                 Rs. 62,400

Galaxy Grand 2 LTE SM-G7105              Rs. 32,500

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE SM-G386F  Rs. 43,300

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo GT-I9060 Rs. 20,350

Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102            Rs. 32,000

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Duos S7272        Rs. 2,000

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini LTE I9195      Rs. 32,850

Samsung Galaxy Fame Duos S6812       Rs. 16,500

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE N9005     Rs. 66,450

Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810                 Rs. 16,500

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505             Rs. 42,700

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE I9305            Rs. 38,100

Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty S5360  Rs. 14,500

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082    Rs. 34,000

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190            Rs. 20,600

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300                     Rs. 40,900