Samsung Leads Mobile phone sales.

Samsung Leads Mobile phone sales.
Nearly 426 million handsets were sold out in the first quarter of 2013 and nearly Smartphone sales totaled 210 million units in the same period. The South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung not only beat iPhone but also it has beaten the popular mobile phone maker Nokia too.
In the Smartphone alone Samsung captured 30.8 per cent market share with 64.74 million units. The US giant Apple got 18.2 per cent and the LG got 4.8 per cent of the market share. Samsung led with 23.6 per cent market share with 100.65 million units, followed by Nokia at 14.8 per cent share with 63.21 million units, Apple at nine per cent with 38.33 million units, LG Electronics at fourth with 15.61 million units and ZTE ranked fifth with14.60 million units sales.
Smartphone or cell phone all the phone companies are looking deeply in to the worlds biggest phone market in China as its phone sales still got good hope.
Mean while in the Smartphone operating system sector Android is continuing to grow more rapidly and it seems that no one can challenge their lead for another 5 years time.