Samsung Guru 1085 Expands the Horizon for many.

Samsung Guru 1085 Expands the Horizon for many.


Samsung mobile phone Guru 1085 expands the horizon for many people in the Asia region. The phone came as a simple model with useful facilities like SMS, FM radio and flashlight is used by thousands of people in the Asia region specially in India and Sri Lanka. When plugged in with the earphone it is the people’s news reader which used to provide news broadcast from the selected radio station and followed with day long music entertainment. Folks like fisherman used to have their flashlight even in the dark by pressing some navigation button to get the flashlight from the mobile which is enough for them to manure in the night.

It is familiar to view at the market where vegetable and fish vendors to have this handy phone with them to get the main market price through this phone. Even some phones are a tight rubber band to keep it from opening in to after so many years of usage. Many of these busy people don’t hesitate to view the CLI to see who is calling them, once the phone rings they will answer it direct away. If it is an unknown person then they will simply say wrong number and will cut the line as the incoming calls are free for them.

Plenty of these Samsung Guru handsets had learned to send and receive money through the mobile payment system. To reload the phone they will go to a near by shop and pay Rs 20/- to recharge their account which is enough for them for a week. It is a beauty to see those vendors riding the bicycle with full of load in the back, They will hold the bicycle handle bar with one hand and with the other hand they hold the mobile phone and talking to some one while both their legs are peddling the bicycle. If there is not enough battery charge they will switch off the phone and will switch on it whenever they want to make a call and that conversation will be short and will say to the other party I don’t have much charge in the battery, so I am cutting this call.

Young girls and women like these Guru hand phones as they are very small and easy to carry in their hand bags. It is familiar to see young girls in the long distance buses to use Smartphones connected with headphone to speak and listen end of their friends during the journey. Once they reach their destination they will put in their Smartphone and will take out their Samsung Guru to use while on the road. It is a safety precaution to guard their Smartphone from the thieves.

This phone was announced in the year 2009 and plenty of them are still working perfectly for the users. The phone can stand on Stand-by mode up to 420 hours while its talk time is around 12 hours. Also the phone comes with a color display screen.