Private Photos of Yours.


As of today you had read news about celebrity peoples birthday suite photos being published in web sites through out the internet. Also they are circulating privately through messages and other means between millions of people. Some of the involved people say they are fake, some say they are true and had been taken from their private internet accounts by hackers. Even some say those images are already deleted ones.
As an internet user and technology involved person you must know those images captured in any of the computerized device can’t be deleted forever. You can delete those racy images from your camera but they can be kept in the processor and any one having a recovery tool or script can bring it back to life, when he can access that device. It may be a time consuming process but it will yield a fruitful result.

So here are some tips for you when you think about capturing such images.
Golden Rule:  Never take Birthday suite photos.
If had decided to take one, never share it in the internet. Because you can’t delete it forever.  Deleting the image from the internet is equal to the process of dropping a nickel in the Pacific ocean and looking for it after years.
Before taking such a picture, Go to your device start the camera and in the options set the captured images to be stored in the external storage memory cad on not in the device. Also make sure, the images are not shared in the social media automatically. Never transfer those images to your partner’s device, as you don’t know how the other person will use it or store it.

Once you are satisfied with your captured image remove the external memory card and make it in to pieces and then burn it.
Now of the device which you had taken the image, never sell it out.
Never give that device to technicians, if it is not functioning good as they can recover those images from the device.
The device should be disposed properly with out reaching any humans.

Other wise one day you will wake up to phone call from your friend saying that you are looking great in your birthday suite, that is available in a web site.
Or someone may call you for asking money for not publishing them.
Never take racey photos with the modern day gadgets.