Nokia Lumia 525.

Nokia Lumia 525, the latest Smartphone from Nokia with Windows 8 operating system with Internet Explorer 10 is unbeatable one in the market with its available features and style. The phone screen come s with a full 4″ display and a removable battery with enough juice to support it. Where it can give you 14 days of standby time, 16.9 hours of talk time in 2G or 10.6 hours of talk time in 3G and the music play back will keep you on for 48 hours.

Inside of this super sensitive screen phone is a massive 1 GB ram, 8 GB Memory, external memory card 64 GB  and with free cloud storage of 7 GB to give you more speed and storage facility. It uses the latest Micro SIM from your carrier.

Some of its connectivity ports are as
3.5 mm audio connector
USB 2.0
Bluetooth 4.0

On the image capture section, it comes with a 5MP camera and
Auto focus with two-stage capture key
4 x Digital zoom
f-number/aperture: f/2.4
Focal length: 28 mm
Minimum focus range: 10 cm
Flash not available.

Its video camera offers
Video streaming like YouTube browsing and video streaming, progressive video download, streaming from video services and internet, Nokia video upload app along with video zoom, continuous autofocus.

Nokia Lumia 1320.
Mean while Nokia also marketing its new Nokia Lumia 1320 which is well suited for entertainment and productivity. The device comes with six inch screen along with the latest software advancements that are in this Windows Phones.
Its broader screen allows to have new third column of tiles on the home screen allows people to see and do more.