Nokia Asha Apps.

Nokia Asha Apps.


Nokia had designed and released one of the top hand phone series as Asha for the benefit of professionals where the models are coming with sleek designs with attractive colors. Nokia phones are highly capable in features, functionality and performance and its Mail for Exchange brings you instant email, fully integrated instant messaging, voice services and high-speed internet access, making it a serious proposition for business.
Further more these Apps offer enhanced service to the phone owner to do many tasks online and offline. Try these Apps with Asha for better performance.

WhatsApp S40 Messenger-Free
This is an app which allows you to send text and video messages through your Asha phone at no cost. Using your data connection via 3G or WiFi means you’re not being charged for each message sent. However, if you’re connecting through 3G, you’ll probably have to pay for your data plan. This is available free for the first year.

eBuddy Mobile Messenger-Free
This is much like WhatsApp Messenger, is an instant messaging service. It connects all the major online IM services, MSN; Facebook; Yahoo!; GTalk; AIM; MySpace; an ICQ. This App will allow you to talk to all of your online friends from various services all in one place on your phone.

Opera Mini Web Browser-Free
Opera Mini Web Browser Surfing the Web is a daily occurrence where it offers great user experience.

The Weather-Free
This App will keep you with the latest weather report. So you can be well prepared before you leave for your work.
Offers more than10,000 global cities in the database and offers automatic updates every 30 minutes.

Video HD-Free
This popular App allows you to connect Youtube and watch Videos in HD quality.
With Video HD, you can watch the millions of funny, bizarre or entertaining videos right from your mobile phone.

Sophie Cam-Free
Sophie Cam offers extra fun after taking a snap and add some special effects using Sophie Cam then share it will all your friends. Roid, Housten, Dirty Cam and Retrorize are some of the effects at your disposal.

Wiki Encyclopedia-Free
The Internet is a wonderful thing. It’s the one-stop-shop to all knowledge – usually via the Wikipedia service. Wiki Encyclopedia on your Nokia Asha is your gateway to the wealth of information on Wikipedia.

We’ve all been there. In the supermarket trying desperately to remember the grocery list we’ve jotted down in our heads. Rather then scratching your head and forgetting something important – like I usually do – use your phone as your shopping list.

Dictionary & Translation Pro-Free
Connect you to an online English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service you’ll never get stuck again with a meaning of a word, or what something means in different language.