Nokia 105 Mobile Phone.

Nokia 105 Mobile Phone.

Nokia 105 the entry level hand phone is ready to be shipped to China, Indonesia, India, and Nigeria market soon. The mobile phone will have a color display meaning that the Nokia mobile phones will not come with the black and white display any more. Struggling Nokia comes with the lowest price mobile phone to penetrate the market where the Indian version will be available for just Rs 1,200.
Nokia will stop producing the popular Indian mobile phone Nokia 1280 has sold 10 crore pieces in India in the past years. The company took the reports from surveying companies and found out that the handsets that are priced less than Rs. 4,000 is in much demand. So they came with the entry level hand phone to the China, Indonesia, India, and Nigeria markets with a battery back up of 35 days and with a speaking clock to satisfy the new customers.
India got 20.64 crore mobile phones and 1.5 crore Smartphones. In the mobile phone sector Nokia leads in India while the Samsung leads in the Smartphone sales.

Feature of the Nokia 105.
This can give you up to 12.5 hours of talk time.
Can stay in the standby mode for up to 35 days.
You have the SMS support of the Nokia Life which is available in China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria.
Five programmable alarms.
A speaking clock.
A flashlight to power you when you are in the dark.
FM radio that will need a headset to listen your local radio stations..
Five great games, including Sudoku and Cricket Cup. (preloaded games may vary from country to country)

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