Nigeria – Change carrier without loosing mobile number.

Nigeria – Change carrier without loosing mobile number.

Nigeria with 95 million mobile phones is struggling to provide better mobile phone service. Last year State run Telecom collapsed. The four carriers who lead the mobile phone service are not providing quality service to their customers. Lower call rate, broken lines and towers brought down by extremists in north Nigeria can be seen as the main cause for it. It is familiar to see any aspiring Nigerian to be with 3 – 4 mobile phones in their pocket or bags. They don’t won’t to drop any calls due to the low signal or out of signal range. Plenty Nigerians want to change their carrier to a good one in their area, but losing their own mobile number keep them with the old carrier. But now the Nigerian Communications Commission started a number exchange between the country’s carriers, will allow customers to keep their number and switch carriers every 90 days for free. If you like to change your carrier with the same number then it will take 48 hours to get the number cleared and to begin with the new service provider.

Currently accessing the internet is also a big problem and people who want to access it should go through mobile SIM cards in Nigeria. Phone cards are useless as all the way side phone booths are collapsed.

In the beginning the MTN Group Ltd was giving out a good service to its customers which numbers around 47.4 million in Nigeria. Later when Bharti Airtel Ltd of India went in to price war every thing changed. Now with Etisalat and Globacom Ltd these four carriers are struggling to provide better service with low income.

109 million mobile phones are registered in Nigeria where more than 160 million people lives there. The MTN leads with the highest number of customers where it got nearly 47.4 million customers, followed by Globacom Ltd with 24.1 million customers. Indian Bharti Airtel had 23.1 million while the Emirates Telecommunications Corp with the business name Etisalat got 14.9 million Nigerian customers.

Mean while MTN Nigeria‚Äôs data subscriptions have reached 22.8 million in the first quarter can’t be credited to the Smartphones as many customers use the data plan for laptops too.

So far the best selling Smartphone in Nigeria is BlackBerry.