LG G2 Smartphone.


LG G2 Smartphone comes with 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor and 5.2″ screen for best viewing. The battery is a power house of 3,000 mAh SiO+ battery and it is slim too.
You can open 3 Apps at a a time in the screen and can select the one you want to use. The phone can become as a remote to control your compatible TV,  set-top box, audio system, DVD or Blu-ray player, or even an air conditioner with the QuickRemote app.
You don’t need to switch on the power button every time. Simply “knock” twice on the screen with a fingertip to wake the display without your ever having to lift the LG G2 or touch the power key.
The gadget got a massive size 13-megapixel camera, featuring optical image stabilization and multi-point auto-focus that can capture best images and can produce Full HD 1080p videos.