Dual SIM Active Smartphone.

Dual SIM Active Smartphone.
You may know about the dual SIM handsets. The main thing is that you can operate only one SIM and the other one will work as St/By to receive calls and SMS text messages.

Now Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific Co a Chinese based mobile phone producer is going to release the Dual SIM active Smartphone with two chips for each of the SIM to active both of them in a single Smartphone. The price is expected to be under US$500.

There is a boig question about the product regarding the operators support. All over the world mobile phone supporters are business rivals. So will two different mobile phone operators are ready to operate in a single mobile phone? This question remains as a big hurdle for the product when introducing it to to the world market for sale.

Yulong is wholly owned subsidiary of China Wireless Technologies Limited, and the first company to introduce dual-mode smart phone in the world.

Source: Sunday Liner.