ZapTel Provides New Global Caller calling card.

ZapTel Provides New Global Caller calling card.

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When some one wants to travel on vacation their first worry is how to call back home with less money with best calling plan. For these kinds of travelers ZapTel provides a better solution with Global Caller rechargeable international phone card with best country to country calling rates. The card was launched in the month of March 2013 is one of the best calling card that offers great rates from the USA to other countries, as well as excellent rates for calling country to country outside the USA, and back to the USA. ZapTel’s Global Caller charges a simple rate per minute from you. Also take note that the payphones and hotels may add surcharge for using their phones.

Why ZapTel calling card?

Rechargeable online or through telephone. You can Buy phone cards securely with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or PayPal from zaptel website.

PIN-less dialingĀ  which you can set it up to automatically work from a mobile or land phone without a PIN

Rates are available to check at

Best Plans from ZapTel

Minute By Minute
Phone Bank
True North
Study Abroad Student’s Choice
Extreme Talk Time Int’l

About ZapTel is leading online international phone card company, with US-based live customer service for ordering, and self-provisioning services on each customer’s dashboard.

In business since 1999, ZapTel is mentioned by a leading consumer magazine as a good place to buy phone cards online, and is an INC 500 company.

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