Using phonecard in Brazil.

It is safe to use public phone booths rather than carrying out your Smartphone or Tab. Every where on the main roads there are many public phone booths are fitted throughout Brazil. Also you can find lot of them in bus stations and ferry stations. There are well lit with enough light and the phones are digital one along with upheld digital meter which used to display the dialing phone number and available balance on the card.

So all the football fans who came here to watch the FIFA world cup matches in Brazil can enjoy calls back to their countries at cheaper rates without the fear of losing their  Smartphones. Calling in the night and holidays will give you more talking time for your money. Once you had finished with your calls, don’t forget to remove your card for future usage.

Phone cards can be purchased from post offices and small shops next to the phone booths. There are some small shops offer pay after call system. If you happened to use this check your own time to see how many minutes you had spoken as there may be small disputes may arise about the time you had called.

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