Smallest Cell Phone in the world.

Smallest Cell Phone in the world.
People are wondering about having bigger Smartphones that can last for long hours. But did you heard about the simple cell phone which you can keep in your wallet and it allows you to dial desired numbers within seconds or you can locate your child where he is at the time. Clock is now running back and phone industry is eyeing towards simple communicating methods with smaller versions of cell phones that can be carried in peoples pocket when they are going out for work, shopping or traveling.

Today we are going to look at the latest micro-phone which is thin as 5.5mm and the size of a credit card and weights less than 40g only.

It comes with the full keyboard and the battery can keep the phone in st/by mode for 21 days. It have all the functions like a larger mobile phone as phone book, Text messaging, call center, time clock, alarm, calculator, calendar and tasks.
It uses the standard SIM and can be connected through GSM 850/900/1800/1900 network. If you have Nano Sim or the other ones there are adapters available for them.

The best part of phone is its tracking facility which can track your child’s position using three of the cellular towers and can pin point the location. The method is called as ‘Locate Me’ App.

Micro-Phone is Indiegogo Company’s project with public funding. They have received nearly US$14,000 of their $50,000 goal. The pocket phone without the locator can be yours for $39 with the early bird special lasts. After this period, the price of the phone will be $49. With a locator it will be $69 for the contributors. The locator version is expected to be available for $79 when they go in to full production.

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