Saudi Arabia Cracks on illegal SIM Cards.

Saudi Arabia is Cracking on illegal SIM card Business.

In Saudi Arabia to won a SIM card you must have proper documentation. Then only you can purchase them officially from the vendors for the price range of SR50 to SR150. The SIM card will be registered under your name.

Those illegal expats and young children who don’t have documents to purchase the original SIM card from the registered vendors usually go to Palestine Street. There they can purchase cards from different telecom companies through illegal expats who used to sell them at the price of SR400 to SR2000.

Now the Saudi police went in to action and had arrested more than 50 illegal vendors in that area. Also they had warned the people not to buy unauthorized SIM cards from the street vendors which are registered with unknown people’s names.

Many sellers complain that they are geting the SIM cards directly from various telecom companies and most of them say that they are doing this business for more than 4 years.