Pay phones in the USA.

Pay phones in the USA.
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Pay phones in the USA once numbered 200,000 is shrinking although its usage is not going down rapidly. The pay phones are very popular with the tourists and the immigrant farm workers who want to contact with their home in their country. The main reason for the decline in the Pay phones are the rapidly going down due to cheap mobile phones and decline in their phone call rate for the international calls. Although for many people that the Pay phone is cheaper to make international phone calls.

On the other hand the managers of the Pay phone are planning to dismantle these phones if they are not making at least 100 calls per month in any place. Because the costs related to the phone line, equipment, and maintenance are too much to keep it in the ground.

But the local governments understand the need of them during the emergencies may put them in public places like stadiums, schools, or hospitals. For example  when natural disaster stuck the country wireless towers went down or networks are jammed and people struggled to communicate and that time these Pay phones provided them assistance to make calls.

The city of New York understands the need and are planning to upgrade their remaining 7,000  public pay phones with free Wi-Fi.  Many companies are interested with the plan and are ready to share the collection amount and the advertising fee with the City authorities.

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