New PrePaid SIM for International Calls in UAE.


A new Prepaid SIM seems to be launched in the UAE which is sold for Dh10 and it comes with a pre-loaded welcome credit of Dh1. The name of the SIM card is – Five prepaid mobile connection – and it can call to India at Dh0.005 per second rate. The data plan charge is Dh0.20 per MB when the customer connect to the internet. The SIM card is selling out targeting the low income foreign workers who may like to call home at cheap price. A flat rate is available for the caller to call on day time and there is no need to go for any bundles from the company. There are rumors that the connection is sold by the Etisalat mobile network although no one working with the company didn’t confirmed it. Some people say that it is a third party product and maintained by the Etisalt company. The SIM connection is currently being sold at select mobile shops and groceries at labor accommodations. To recharge your account on the Five Sunrise SIM card there is no validity period so it does not expire. Every recharge, 20 per cent recharge bonus is added to the customer credit. Etisalat recharge vouchers or Five VoIP calling cards available in the market can be used to recharge the account. Mean while the Five SIM does not have roaming facility. This Five prepaid connection use to com with lifetime validity. If the users do not use the connection for three consecutive months, the balance will be lost and the connection will be temporarily suspended. Within 30 days you can recharge the connection and may use it. If no recharge or usage is observed in these 30 days, the line will be considered as no longer in use.ceased.