Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit against Bell Mobility.

Multimillion dollar lawsuit against Bell on Virgin prepaid card
People are going to file a law suit Against Bell Mobility over its Virgin prepaid card expiry method. The suit expected to cover phone cards whose active period expired between May 4, 2010, and Dec. 16, 2013.

The initial step was taken by a customer who had lost about $58.60 over the expiry of a Virgin prepaid card which was available balance ion the card. The customer argued that those prepaid phone cards are “gift cards” under the Consumer Protection Act and so are not subject to expiry dates.

No dates had been set so far. The Ontario Court of Justice allowed the lawsuit to proceed, ruling for customers seeking compensation for balances remaining on prepaid wireless phone cards on Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada and Solo Mobile accounts.Bell operates prepaid wireless phone services for these carriers.