Mobile SIM card For Tourists, Sri Lanka.

Tourists who coming on vacation to Sri Lanka are advised to buy their own Srilanka SIM cards. As these SIM cards will offer them cheap calling plan and data plan. If they use their own mobile phone with their country SIM card they will be charged for the calls and the data plan through roaming charges in their country. Having the local SIM card all ways will save you lot of money on your international calls and data plans.

If you can bring your Dongle or 4G router will be helpful one to access your social media and Mail accounts easily with Sri Lanka internet data plan. Mobile SIM card for the mobile phones and Smartphones can be purchased as tourist pack by paying US$10 to your favorite mobile operator’s counter at the arrival lounge of the Colombo airport. Buyers must provide their passport photo copy and need to sign a contract with the SIM card providing carrier.

Protect Your SIM Card.
As per the Sri Lanka Government rule, the SIM card is your own property. Don’t provide it other people as any unauthorized activities through your SIM card will be found as you had made the fault. It is illegal to provide a SIM card registered under your name to another person according to Sri Lanka law.
When you are returning to your country, destroy the SIM card or take it with you.
If the SIM card is lost make a complaint to the nearest police and inform it to the carrier too.

How to Reload your Dialog SIM card account?
Go to any nearest communication center and use the reload machine – enter your phone number followed by the amount you want to recharge. Pay the money to the seller, your account will be reloaded with the cash within seconds. Buy a phone reload card scratch the paint coated read the code and follow the instructions.
Manual Dialog reload with reload dial #123#PIN#
To Check Dialog mobile account balance dial #456#

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Data Plan.
Once you had bought the SIM card and activated it, you can allow the Smartphone to connect to the internet through your data plan. If you use your calling money to data plan it will be expensive one.
Reload Rs 49/-, 99/-, 199/- or 299/- then it will be added to your data plan and it is cheaper to have internet through your phone while on the move. Now Sri lanka offers 3G, 4G and 4.5G Data Plans for you to select from, if you have capable devices.

Mobile internet.

If you had brought dongle for your laptop, then buy a new SIM card only for data plan. You can connect to the internet through the 4G connectivity which is available in most part of the Island. Also Sri Lanka provides 3G or 2G connectivity, if there is no 4G LTE connection is available.

Sri Lanka offers cheap calls and Data plan in Southeast Asia for tourists just like for their citizen.

The mobile plans can re-loaded or re-charged through vendors found in shops at every corner of the streets. There are automated machines too provide the mobile phone reload facility. It will not give back any balance money to the user. Also you can find Wi-Fi reloads and data reload too. It is expensive to use your call plan money to use the data plan. Always reload them separately for to benefit.

Late night calls and data usage are really cheap in Sri Lanka. You can use your messengers and Apps to make free calls through Wi-Fi connectivity or using your data plan. If caller and the receiver have latest Smartphones, they can make video calls through 4G LTE or using their call plans.
Tourists can buy phone cards from the local carriers and at the road side vendors at standard price. These phone cards can be used through the mobile phones and through the public phones following the given instructions.
You can use IDD phone cards too through your Smartphones for quick calling.
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