Phone card re-seller job can be performed from your home at your free time with little investment. This reseller program will allow you to make some extra cash if you have social media pages or any websites. If you don’t have any of your own website then you can get a sub domain website from those companies with your desired name. There are thousands of web sites in the internet which offer the phone cards for re-sale program. Also they offer affiliates program which is also called as reseller program. Most of these companies no need any cash advances to join their programs. If you like a serious part of your sales then you can pay nearly $ 1000 and become as a partner seller where you can have resellers under you. People can join under you and can sale phone cards worldwide and make money. Each time people under you make any sales, you too will get a share from those sales.

Also the phone card selling companies allow you to create a website as a sub domain in any of your desired name and you can pick the cards that you want to sale through that website. The important part to make money through these sales you have to promote your website through SEO or advertise it as cheap phone cards or low priced calling cards through the internet. Each time someone purchase cards through your website you will be credited with a sales commission. You can login in to your account and can check your earnings time to time.

Once your account balance reaches more than 100$ you can claim for a payment.

Likewise if you own a website you can change the name server to the phone card selling companies desired name server and login to the account and follow the instructions to make your website to be ready with phone cards for online sales. Promote it through your friends or advertise it in the media. If anyone buys calling cards you will be credited with a good commission.

The offers phone card and calling minute’s resale facility. They offer many kinds of reseller packages through the internet. If you have PayPal money transfer account to send and receive money then you can resale their phone cards online and can make lot of money from the sales. The Low price call company is operating from Europe and they are very popular for their VoIP sales packages too. If you write them personally they will send you free calling minutes to check their call facility before you buy their phonecards to call Sri Lanka at cheap price.

Source: workathomewebsite