Lebanon Ogero Call rates slashed on local and IDD calls.

IDD calls
More and more people are depending on VoIP calls through Smartphones and Tablets. This practice had given a hard hit to state owned land lines in many countries where their calling charges are very high. The truth is that these Government ventures too are using the VoIP facilities to provide land line calls and used to charge higher rates. After people find the ability of the Smartphone and the VoIP Apps these Government institutions started to lose profits.

Recently Labanon’s prepaid cards Telecarte and Kalam had slashed their call rates by nearly 50 percents. Thgis include local and international communications. Mean while the calls made to mobile phones too are reduced by 30 percent. These two prepaid phone cards are distributed by the state controlled telecom provider Ogero. As per the Government official revenue is low for the past 3 years where they used to lose $110 million annually as a result of the decline in sales of prepaid cards.