Is Smartphone Killing the Phone Card Industry?

Is Smartphone Killing the Phone Card Industry?


Is Smartphone killing the phone card industry? There are two answers for this question one is “Yes” and the other is “No”. Now people all over the world understand that the Smartphone is actually a hand held computer that can do many things without and with the help of the Apps other than the usual phone calls and SMS texting it is developed for.

Now any internet connected Smartphone can dial and receive cheaper phone calls through the available VoIP services, if they have purchased a small amount of call time from a service provider or from their own carrier.

Well, if they are in a place where the Wi-Fi connection is free then they can all their friends for free trough any of the available popular IM (Instant Messenger) service provider. Further more the latest handheld gadgets are designed to work as a wireless router to allow all those Smartphones that are near to it with the owner’s permission.

So the phone card industry is little suffering sales to their customers as many of them are depending on the IM service to communicate with their friends with out paying any money.

All those passengers and travelers who are going to overseas only depend on the phone cards, if they are afraid of the roaming charges that their carrier may charge on them when they return home after using their cell phone overseas in the roaming mode.

So the phone card industry is depending on those travelers who don’t like roaming and on those expatriate workers who are in those countries where VoIP service is restricted or totally banned. Like wise poor and middle class people who can’t afford a Smartphone too depends on the phone card service provider to c all their loved ones.

Actually before the invention of the iPhone and the dialer Apps the phone card industry was enjoying lot of sales all over the world. After the iPhone all the cellular phone companies had turned their focus on the Smartphone production and the developers started to create dialer Apps and the phone card sales is on the decline from then onwards.

The phone card industry will not collapse but will survive with less profit than years back when they enjoyed heavy profit. That led to start new platforms and it opened many jobs in this sector. Now as the profit is less this sector too provide less job opportunities for the IT qualified people.